Ukraine project

Our concern for the future of young people has led us to develop several projects that guarantee the social well-being and future of the boys and girls who have been beneficiaries of the reception programs and have Spanish as a link.

niños jugando verano
niñas verano

We are concerned about social justice, the integration of different groups, such as immigrants and people with disabilities, and the development of the values ​​that children and young people have acquired from living with the host educational families.

We intend to promote education in values, job orientation and sustainability, promoting Spanish culture and guaranteeing network communication between different groups.

One of our fundamental objectives is networking with local civil organizations and with other international institutions that have the same purposes and concerns.


We channel our actions through the Club de Amigos de España created in Irpen, the area where most of the foster children who come come from.

niños ucrania
  • Spanish classes are given to boys and girls, and also to adults.

  • Cultural activities


  • Integration workshops with internally displaced persons due to the war (IDPs)


  • Activities for the promotion of human rights: I PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST against Gender Violence


  • Humanitarian aid to IDPs

grupo de ucrania

In this image we have a part of our children at the IRPEN school accompanied by the director Nadia and a group of volunteers without whom all these activities would not be possible.

And, in addition, every month, we send approximately 60Kg of humanitarian aid, among which stands out:

  • medicines
  • Warm clothing
  • school supplies and others.

Emergency Ukraine

With the war there has been the massive flight of thousands of Ukrainians outside the country’s borders as well as internal displacements.

Given the knowledge of the country, the language and the ongoing relationship with our counterparts, the Juntos por la Vida Foundation immediately mobilized.

We currently have a team of volunteers displaced from Spain, supporting families.

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Cooperation in Ukraine

Cooperation in Ukraine
Currently the Foundation has developed different projects to continue supporting families who have fled the conflict.

Also to the families that have stayed, providing them with humanitarian aid that is delivered on the ground by our volunteers.

Likewise, in Spain, the projects focus on the insertion of these refugee families in our society.

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