Meet the Team

We are a team. We are a group of volunteers. Most of us have been doing humanitarian volunteer work for more than two decades. We work enthusiastically every day in the hope of achieving a fairer world. Get to know us a little more.



Clara Arnal


Psychologist, graduate in teaching and expert in Sustainable Development from Columbia University. He has dedicated the last 20 years of his life to the defense of Human Rights. Founder of the Entity in 2007 and foster mother and active volunteer since 1999.

Paqui Paes


Administrative. She has been a member of the Foundation since 2000 and a foster mother of minors from Chernobyl who today are adults with promising careers.

Alegría Montoro Pastor


PhD in Biological Sciences, secretary of the P.N. R&D in Radiological Protection, and Director of Radiological Studies at Hospital La Fe in Valencia. Collaborate with the Foundation in the study and monitoring of the health of children and young people affected by Chernobyl

Adelisa Martínez


Administrative. She has been a member of the Foundation since 2004 and a foster mother of two Chernobyl minors who are now adults with promising careers.

Larisa Myhailova


Nuclear Engineer, born in Belarus and with dual Ukrainian and Spanish nationality.

He has been managing the humanitarian programs for the temporary fostering of children from Chernobyl and recently from Donbass for 20 years.

Juan Ramón Juániz


Lawyer and writer. Founder of the Lawyers Without Borders Foundation and Honorary Patron of the Foundation in recent years, he is a great defender of Human Rights. His work as a member of the Restorative Justice Court of El Salvador stands out

Xenia Rambla


Notary, psychologist and writer. She has been a collaborator and supporter of the foundation since 2018 and a member of the board of trustees since 2021.

Jesús Rodríguez

Vice president

Businessman and entrepreneur, he is a founding member of the entity since 2007 and a foster father since 2000. He actively participates in the Ukrainian and Benin commissions.

José Luís Rey


Doctor of Medicine and Director of Grupo Hospitalario, he has been part of the foundation as a scientific consultant and as a foster parent since 2004 and has promoted different initiatives and scientific studies of the foundation.

Llanos García Meriñán


A nurse, activist and aid worker, she has been a foster mother and actively participates in the programs in Ukraine and Benin.


With the expansion of our projects in Spain and Benin, and especially since in 2020 we incorporated social intervention with groups at risk of exclusion in Valencia, the presence of a team of qualified professionals is necessary.

After 4 years working, we opened the Alicante branch in January 2022.

And, we look forward to the opening of the Seville branch in the near future.

Both in Spain and in Benin our teams are growing with our projects!

equipo en espai


Rebeca Ferez: Social Worker

Gemma Cabrera: Teacher at Inclusive Workshops

Cati Ewa: Administrative


Reine Honopaktin: Delegate of the Foundation in Benin

Tranquile Avakponto: Responsible for Projects and Communication.

benín equipo