Benin – Africa

Benin is one of the poorest countries in the world and also one of the most forgotten.

Belonging to West Africa, this country occupies position 163 in the Human Development Index, one of the lowest in the world and with an average life expectancy of 59 years.

Polygamy, health and food risks mean that thousands of children wander the streets every day looking for a way to find a livelihood instead of going to school. Surprisingly, at the age of 5, a person is already considered a workforce in Benin.

Comprehensive work

Starting with Children, with a firm commitment to access to education and the eradication of child slavery.

And continuing with the empowerment of women, health and improved nutrition and the promotion of culture and music.

Summer workshops

taller de pasta

Literacy school

Health and prevention

curando al niño

Women empowerment

Music school

música tambores

Vocational training

niños formación

We invite you to immerse yourself in the depths of Africa, to share our values, to create and experience the magic and love for our neighbor that we experience in all our projects.

mapa Benín - África

Benin map – Africa

Every year since 2017 we prepare in Benin to travel to Spain and sing for the Rights of the Child and thus show you our culture.

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Voices for Benin