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Do you want to change the life of a boy or girl in Benin?

As a sponsor you will receive information about the educational progress of your godchild.

The Juntos por la Vida Foundation wants to be transparent with the godfathers and godmothers, and at all times you will know who your godson and goddaughter is and in a personal way, you will be informed.

voluntaria jugando en benín
Gemma voluntaria en Benin

Welcome and change a life

The foster care process begins the moment a family decides to incorporate a boy or girl from Ukraine into their life for two summer months and (optionally) one at Christmas.

It is a simple procedure and the Foundation is with you at all times.

Become a Volunteer or Volunteer

They need you! In the Juntos por la Vida Foundation you can collaborate in many ways:

welcoming a child in summer ​

– forming part of our specialized volunteering in Spain

– serving in the solidarity store

– as a cooperant (international specialized volunteering). See information

– collaborating in development awareness and education campaigns

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Ukraine crisis: More than 1,800 people transferred, more than 800 in Spain and receiving psychosocial monitoring. More than 40 tons of humanitarian aid.

​More than 200 people placed in safe accommodation in Ukraine and Poland.

We will continue to accompany them in the reconstruction of their lives.

Fill out the Form and collaborate with our projects. We will reply to give you information.

Your contributions have TAX BENEFITS: You can deduct up to 80% on your income statement.

The Juntos por la Vida Foundation issues you your certificate so that you can benefit. administracion@juntosporlavida.org

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