Sponsoring is offering a dignified future

From the age of 10, boys and girls who have never gone to school no longer have any chance of attending and their future is doomed to absolute failure.

Sponsoring a boy or a girl with Together for Life is SPONSORNING THEIR COMMUNITY

Appeal for support for Tori’s school in Benin

The war in Ukraine also affects here, in the 7 classrooms of the school that the Foundation has supported for 3 years.

Click on the photo and listen to Clara in the video that she recorded in one of the classrooms telling how things are going.

We need your help to continue changing the future of a boy or a girl in Benin!

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Clara con niña en Benín

Our sponsorship project aims to provide basic training to these children and young people between the ages of 10 and 16, who have not had any school opportunity, through literacy and primary basic education.

With this elementary education, children and young people will have the opportunity to join higher education and achieve a dignified future that will allow them to get out of the poverty line.

Africa niños de benin

Sponsorship consists of a monthly contribution by the godfather or godmother that serves to meet the comprehensive needs of sponsored boys and girls.

The Foundation attends to the needs of the school and, the more godfathers and godmothers there are, the more boys and girls will be in school and, therefore, the more boys and girls will receive help from the Foundation.

!We need you!

Sponsorship programs of the Foundation

The Alexda School, in Wawata, Zé, was inaugurated in January 2018 and the foundation has built 3 literacy classrooms and two for vocational training, a warehouse, two offices, a medical clinic, two wells, electrification of the complex and has maintained the school expenses for 3 years, including summer activities.


It consists of three years of accelerated learning for boys and girls between the ages of 10 and 17 who have never been able to attend school.

They learn to read, write and perform mathematical calculations.

As of these two years, the boys and girls are prepared to begin professional training.


Vocational training consists of teaching a trade to young people from the age of 14, with a duration of approximately 2 years.

They learn electricity, computing, design and leather goods.

After passing through the Vocational School, these young people can access the labor market.

Does the money go directly to a minor?

No. The money you donate each month goes to finance the projects of the education and health foundation, thanks to which minors who are in school and their families benefit.

Can I post photos or videos?

Yeah. All minors have image rights, so you can send the photos we have of the different programs to your friends and family and of course… Encourage them to sponsor!!

Can we meet the kids in person?

YEAH. You can travel to Benin within our International Volunteer programs.

Sponsored minors cannot travel to Spain unless they belong to the VOCES POR BENIN project, which is not guaranteed at the time of sponsorship.

€15 per month includes schooling, food and health care.

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